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Gravure Packaging Ltd

Flexible packaging solutions to communicate and enhance brand visibility

What we have to offer

Our gravure printing presses allow us to offer a unique image quality focused product in a variety of flexible packaging concepts.
We are leaders in a diverse range of FMCG flexible packaging markets such as; shrink sleeves, confectionary and snack wraps, laminations, rewinds, soap wrap, labels, tamper bands, paper overwraps and interactive packaging.

Our presses have the ability to produce flexible packaging with up to 10 colours in a single run with reverse printing, coating and lamination as available options.

Why Choose us?

We take pride in colour density and gradation control in order to produce market leading colour resolution in our flexible packaging products.

We are constantly forward thinking with a practicality approach that consistently sees our products innovating the flexible packaging market.

We adopt the literal meaning of adaptability, and delegate our resources and capabilities towards a direction that is in align with our client’s needs.

We are confident that our repertoire has the ability to generate customised high quality packaging for a wide variety of FMCG products and objectives.

Revolutionary Packaging functions

Redefining Flexibility

Award Winning FMCG Packaging

Utilise the whole surface area of your container to market your product with shrink sleeves. Whether it's protection from the elements or protection from being tampered with, Flow Wraps are highly capable in product safety attributes. A significant amount of products require smaller labels where the marketing space is small once nutritional information, barcode and regulatory details are included. At the GPL we maximise the effectiveness of our labels through consistent vibrant images, regardless of the available area to work within.