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Brand Recognition

Gravure printing entails shelf standout in the volatile FMCG industry

GPL understands FMCG!
At GPL we combine our wealth of experience in gravure printing, and through the use of innovative technology we bring together the ultimate flexible packaging service for enhancing FMCG brands.

We recognise the competitiveness of the modern day market where global brands fill the shelves and new innovative alternatives appear constantly!

At GPL we realise that a significant amount of FMCG consumer decisions are made on impulse at the point of purchase.

Therefore packaging can play a pivotal and if not the most important role in distinguishing your product from the rest.


At GPL our processes are tailored towards producing flexible packaging the human eye cannot resist.

The gravure printing concept is specifically designed to focus on image quality relative to other processes such as flexography.

This allows for vibrant colours in our products which are in align with recent research portraying that colour is the initial cue shoppers analyse on shelves.


Packaging is often the first encounter a consumer has with FMCG products resulting in a limited window of opportunity to engage consumers.

Therefore the strong peripheral cues that our products project; such as life like images, interactive technology and unique packaging structures are effective in maximising our clients advertising space on their products.

Brand Personality

At GPL we highly regard the power of packaging in conveying a brand personality through the overall look and feel of our packaging.

Therefore as a pre requisite to our service we make sure we understand our client’s brand story and what characteristics they are aiming to communicate to their audience.

Whether our clients are looking to enter the market as an organic brand, rebrand to suggest innovativeness or looking for a consistent image of past branding, we at GPL are fully orientated to producing a flexible packaging formula to achieve your branding needs.


At GPL we look forward to working closely with more NZ and Australian FMCG businesses who take pride in their brand, by creating clear product differentiations in an efficient and innovative manner.