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Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap with high image and protection qualities

Typically the products that are packed in Flow Wrap flexible packaging  but not limited to include; dried goods such as confectionary, biscuits and potato chips. We believe there are two dominant characteristics that  Flow Wrap products need to accommodate for; the first being the need for protection from environmental conditions such as oxygen, moisture, light and general supply chain handling.
We realise the importance of delivering our client’s Flow Wrap products without evidence of damage. 

We consider each of our client’s unique distribution and product needs in order to produce Flow Wrap products where consumer functionality takes precedence.


The characteristics of the markets that Flow Wrap products reside in are typically purchased on impulsive decisions by consumers in which packaging colour, design and the overall look contribute heavily to influencing decisions.

Our visual packaging service incorporates our knowledge of colour inter-relationships to produce eye catching Flow Wrap flexible packaging with a combination of colours taken from our client’s colour scale.

The combination of our rotogravure presses and the innovative thought that resides in our team, allows our flow wrap flexible packaging to standout amongst cluttered shelves that these products are situated in.

At GPL we place a significant emphasis on precise colour registration in order for the design and packaging to distinguish your products visually.

GPL Flow Wrap Options

  • OPP/Foil/PE/Paper/PET.
  • Single, double or triple laminate.
  • Hot seal/cold seal/ waxes/ specialty glues.
  • In-line lamination with reverse print capabilities.
  • Patterned in registration.
  • Sachet Laminates.
  • Printed plastic or paper bundle wrap allow for continuous applications.
  • Food contact and non-contact.
  • Heat sealable lidding for PCU’s.