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UV protection and thermo-chromatic ink products for FMCG

When Frucor came to us for a packaging solution for their V Iced Coffee we were excited and enthusiastic about coming up with a functional solution to protecting the sensitive nature of milk based ingredients.

To achieve a well preserved and high quality product Frucor required a shrink sleeve that would completely block out UV light and prevent oxidation of unprotected milk ingredients.

The end product consisted of 100 per cent light and UV barriers, leak detection holes, tamper evidence and high recyclability.

We utilised our high opacity inks and in a combination of up to 10 colours we were able to not only prevent light passing through the material, but also produce a vibrant metallic design consistent with the V brand.

Thermo-chromatic Ink

The challenge was to source and print an ink on to a shrink sleeve that would change colour when the temperature of the drink was between 4-8 deg C. The key factors that made this project more complex was that the ink was different in formulation to the rest of our printing inks, it was to be printed in a location on the sleeve that was subject to greater shrinkage, the ink had a lower adhesion property than our standard inks & the strength on the ink, once mixed with a base, affected the colour, so our mixing ratio needed to be consistent.