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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves are excellent  for a unique flexible packaging shape

Regardless of the container, our sleeves fit tightly with its contours giving products a distinctive identity.

The Shrink Sleeve format combined with our gravure processes  allows for a vibrant metallic colouring that has revolutionised flexible packaging.

Our early adoption of Shrink Sleeve technology has allowed us to become New Zealand’s largest manufacturer in this product category, with a vast amount of capabilities to customise for differing product needs.

The sleeves allow for a 360-degree covering allowing for a large amount of surface area to apply design and information.

Consistency of design and image is ensured through our Gravure processes and manipulative distortion to allow for any shrinking.

The print is trapped behind the clear shrink film allowing for scuff resistance and ideal for products that are stored and used in a wet environment.

Our Shrink Sleeves are easily removed allowing for recyclability with the addition of perforators .

GPL Shrink Sleeve options

  • PVC or PET materials.
  • Reel for machine applications or cut into individual labels for hand application.
  • Tamper evident sleeve options that allows the remaining print to be visible on the product after the seal has been removed.
  • Areas can be left unprinted allowing customers to see the product they are purchasing.
  • Tear strips, Tear tabs and perforations can be added.
  • Heat-activated adhesive can be applied to minimise the “spin” effect on round bottles.
  • Duplex (Siamese) Sleeves for promotional campaigns and give aways i.e. two or more products joined together in a sleeve.