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What is Gravure Printing?

Gravure printing is the market leader in image quality processes

The advantage of gravure printing is that it lays down a high quantity of ink; which ultimately results in a high quality, sharp, fine image.

Gravure printing’s high image qualities are due to the excellent density, gradation control and metallic ink appearance that gravure printing allows.

A rotogravure cylinder has a long service life and will yield a very large number of impressions without degradation of image quality.

The gravure printing process is initiated by the image being engraved into a copper cylinder, followed by a chroming of the cylinder. The cylinder then rotates in a bath of ink. As the cylinder rotates the excess ink is wiped off the cylinder by a flexible steel doctor blade. The ink remains in the recessed cells (engraved area) and then directly transfers to the substrate (paper, PET, PVC, OPP or other materials) as it passes between the cylinder and the impression roller.